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Fee Guide

Good value is as important in dentistry as in anything else, and fees reflect the standard of treatment offered. A written estimate of the cost of treatment is supplied in advance and fees are discussed with you to ensure your complete understanding and satisfaction. We do our utmost to ensure that you understand the cost of your treatment and are happy with the outcome. Our prices reflect the superior quality of dental materials used throughout. We recommend that patients consider joining our Denplan Payment Scheme. You can find more information on this website by clicking here.

Treatment Private Fee
Standard consultation £33.00
Small x-rays £8.00
Preventative care  
Hygienist from £44.95
Emergency care  
Out-of-hours telephone conversation from £0.00
Out of hours attendance £90.00
Prescription antibiotics / analgesics £6.00
Sedative dressing £35.00
Draining an abscess £40.00
Silver fillings from £60.00
White fillings from £95.00
Veneers / Crowns / Bridges  
Porcelain jacket crown from £400.00
Bonded crown from £400.00
Cast gold crown from £400.00
Bridgework (per unit) from £425.00
Porcelain veneer from £400.00
Inlay (white) from £450.00
Extraction of first tooth from £55.00
Denture treatment  
Full dentures (acrylic) from £500.00
Full metal denture from £530.00
Partial denture (acrylic) from £310.00
Partial metal denture from £560.00
Root canal treatments  
Single rooted canal £250.00
Multi rooted canal £295.00
Dental implants  
Consultation dental implants £100.00
Consultation including initial study models and x-rays £100.00
Diagnostic wax-up case-dependent
Titanium implant single tooth £1995.00
Lower denture retained by two implants £3500.00
Fixed full arched bridge from £9000.00
Bone grafting from £400.00
Mouth guards  
Mouth guards from £45.00
Enlighten whitening £599.00
Home whitening £299.00
Failed appointments  
Missed appointments from £20.00
Denplan payment (monthly)  
Denplan Essentials £13.18
Casual patient surcharge £40.00
Botox and Juvederm  
Consultation Free
Forehead (worry lines) from £200.00
Glabella (frown lines between the eyebrows) £200.00
Forehead and Glabella £350.00
Cosmetic consultation  
1 hour appointment £100.00
Denplan Fees  
£8.80 to include 1 examination & 1 hygienist visit per year plus additional discounts
£13.18 to include 2 routine examinations and 2 Hygiene visits per year plus the additional discounts
£17.95 to include 2 routine examinations and 4 Hygienist visits per year plus additional discounts
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