New Bespoke Denture Clinic at the Practice


The Solihull Dental Centre and Implant Clinic is offering new and existing patients the services of a bespoke, new denture clinic at the practice. This clinic is being run by visiting technician and denture expert Kevin Thomas in partnership with Dr Zubair Sacranie, the practice principal at the Solihull Dental Centre and Implant Clinic.

What is unique about this service is the:

  • Personalised and expert clinical care
  • Superior quality of dentures
  • Clinical collaboration between dentist and dental technician
  • Treatment delivered by the experts who make the product

A typical visit to a dentist for a new denture would usually involve the dentist sending a patient’s denture mould off to be made at dental laboratory, with no clinical interaction between the dentist and technician, and no consultation between the technician and the patient.

At the Solihull Dental Centre, however, having this in-house denture clinic allows patients to benefit from the team work and shared expertise of Kevin Thomas and Dr Zubair Sacranie to achieve the most comprehensive treatment plan and best possible results for all of the following:

  • Complete or Full Dentures
  • Partial Dentures
  • Chrome Dentures
  • Denture Repairs
  • Bespoke Dental Implant Supported Dentures

Kevin Thomas has been a practicing Dental Technician for over 35 years. He holds a City & Guild Certificate in Dental Technology, and a Diploma in Clinical Dental Technology from the Royal College of Surgeons. Mr Thomas has a relaxed and friendly approach which puts patients at ease, and draws on his extensive knowledge and experience to provide the best possible care and advice.

Dr. Zubair Sacranie is a highly qualified and experienced dentist, particularly in the fields of cosmetic dentistry and dental implantology. He has been the practice principal and owner of the Solihull Dental Centre & Implant Clinic since 2006.  Dr Sacranie qualified at Dundee University in 2000 and being a member of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, Dr.Sacranie has also studied Implant Dentistry at Warwick University as well as being awarded an MSc in Dental Implantology at Sheffield University in 2009. He has worked extensively throughout the UK with leading cosmetic and implant surgeons, and he routinely receives referrals from other dentists in the Midlands for restorative and implant dentistry as well as facial aesthetic treatments.

Dr Sacranie is delighted to be offering this new clinic at the practice: “I am excited to be working alongside one of the most experienced clinical dental technicians in the West Midlands and I’m delighted to be introducing this innovative new clinic to my patients.”

For more information or to book your complementary denture or smile makeover consultation, please contact the practice today on 0121 7053935.