The Reasons People Want Straighter Teeth, Some of Them Might Surprise You.

We hear many reasons for people wanting straighter teeth here at our dental practice in Solihull, in the outskirts of Birmingham.  There is generally a desire in society to look as good as possible and research has shown that first impressions really do count, especially as a smile is seen as one of the most important aspects in those first impressions.

let’s look at some of the reasons and benefits of having straighter teeth.

 The benefits of straighter teeth

Improved Self-Esteem

553291_471240662887404_2144508923_nResearch by both Sonicare and the  American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry has shown that people tend to notice a great smile first when they meet you. This goes a long way to explaining why a straighter smile improves self-esteem.

Teeth Will Be Easier to Clean.

download (1)It is absolutely vital that you keep your  teeth clean. Each time you eat the bacteria in your mouth needs of of the sugar, as they do this they excrete acid which attacks your teeth.

Over time this acid attack can result in dental decay if not kept under control.

These bacteria have a tendency to hide in between your teeth so using interdental brushes or floss is one of the best ways to clean in these difficult to reach areas. The problem if your teeth crooked is that these areas can often be extremely tricky to get floss or brushes into.

For this reason straighter teeth can be healthier teeth!

Decreased Risk of Injury to Protruding Teeth.

2-div1If your teeth protrude then they are more likely to receive a direct blow in the event of an accident.

If you are unlucky enough to be hit in the face then a straighter smile will distribute the force of the contact across a wide area meaning you are less likely to sustain injury to any specific tooth.

Decreased headache and neck pain.


The muscles of the face, head and neck are all connected. If your back teeth are not quite aligned then your jaw muscles may compensate for this throughout the day. You probably wouldn’t notice as your muscles get used to pulling the jaw into the correct position.

However, over time the muscles can become tired and strained, if they are pulling particularly hard then this can result in head and neck pain.

Straighter teeth can mean that your jaws line up in a more natural position relieving this pressure on the muscles and therefore relieving headache and neck pain.

 Preventing Abnormal Tooth Wear

When you eat your teeth grind from left to right as well as up and down. As your teeth move to each side they will glide over each other in a specific way, in dental terms this is known as a ‘lateral excursion’.

In a situation with straight teeth this lateral excursion (when you move your teeth to either the left or right) happens without any specific tooth getting in the way.  If a tooth gets in the way when you slide from left to right we call this an ‘interference’.

There are a few ways to remove these interferences during a lateral excursion and one of those ways is by moving the teeth into the correct position so that the interference doesn’t happen. This can also result in reduced headache and neck pain as the muscles around your jaws are not having to compensate for these teeth interferences.

 Improved Overall Health


the bacteria in your teeth which calls periodontal disease have been found to be  involved in other processes around the body. Halitosis, heart disease, diabetes, respiratory problems and even erectile dysfunction have all been linked to periodontal disease.

As we have said before, because straighter teeth are easier to keep clean you will find it easier to keep the bacteria which cause periodontal disease at bay.

A straighter smile not only gives you a healthy smile but could lead to a healthier body also.

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